Brave Cat Loves To Cuddle With Endangered Black Rhino In Sweet Viral Video



People often think that cats are not friendly because they are known as cold animals who can not feel love and affection. However, it isn’t true. As a matter of fact, cats are sweet and warm creatures who love to cuddle with their loved ones – at least when they want to.

They can form bond with their humans and animals as well. Apart from pets and domesticated animals, they seem to have a special place in their heart for rhinos.

Recently, the Safari Park Dvur Kralove zoo from the Czech Republic discovered that cats were living along with black rhinos, and they got along incredibly well with these endangered creatures.

It came as an idea of one of the zookeepers named Jan Žďárek almost 20 years ago. One day, Jan Žďárek decided to put a cat named Kočka in the rhinos’ enclosure to enrich their lives and take care of any rats and mice who try to take up residence at the zoo.

Everyone was nervous to see what happens, but thankfully, everything was fine. Kočka and the rhinos began getting along and the small feline really loved cuddling with the large creatures.

More rescue cats were added to the rhino enclosure in the past 20 years and there were no accidents apart from one. A young rhino named Jasiri bit off the top of Mia’s tail, but Mia the cat hasn’t let her bad experience make her bitter with her large rhino friends. She forgives for them and still loves them so much.

After this incident, the zookeepers closely monitor the situation, making sure cats are okay. Today, there are three black cats live peacefully with the rhinos, cuddling all day long: 12-year-old Džinks, 10-year-old Mia, and 5-year-old Tilly.

Everyone loves seeing how happy the cat and the rhino are together! Watch the sweet video here!

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