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No matter how much we try to fight against natural disasters, we are often helpless to control the nature. The same counts for fires.

Recently, a defense industry company in the city of Donetsk, Ukraine went up in flames and firefighters could do nothing against the devastating fire that spread from building to building.

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But one dog went above and beyond in order to save the life of a helpless resident of one of the neighboring houses, a tiny kitten he spent his days around.

The whole area was evacuated, but that didn’t stop the courageous dog from getting inside the burning house and look for his best friend.

The dog’s owner noticed the animal and tried to stop him from running towards the flames, but the dog was really fast and determined to undertake a rescue mission.

And just when everyone thought the dog died, he emerged from the smoke carrying the kitten in his mouth.

It was a sight none of the onlookers could ever forget. They all said it was friendship and bravery at its finest, and we can’t agree more.

Later, the dog’s owner said how it was in the animal’s nature to help someone whom he loved that much. No matter how strange it sounds, the canine and the feline were pals and they even ate and slept together.

However, this isn’t the first time for a dog to risk their own life for the sake of other’s.

Ben the Bordernese saved the life of his human siblings when a fire started in the house where they resided.

His owner, Colleen Rauschenberger, is thankful Ben was her choice when she was looking for a dog to adopt.

But things could get a different turn. Namely, when the family was looking for a house to rent, the landlord told them they won’t allow dogs in. But his humans wouldn’t leave Ben behind and begged the landlord to let them take their dog in, after which he agreed.

When Ben sensed the smoke, he rushed to wake the babysitter up. Thankfully, she managed to get all of the children out before the house burnt down.

Dogs are truly amazing. They are the most loyal and most compassionate creatures and we are lucky to have them in our lives.

Below is a video of more incredible stories that witness of the courage of men’s best friends.


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