Cat gets leg amputated, but shortly after he starts acting weirdly and nobody can explain why



When the sweet cat later named Tiger was brought at the shelter, the staff and the doctors weren’t really sure if he would pull through, but this courageous cat beat the odds.

Tiger’s health condition was really bad. His tail and one of the legs were so severely injured that they had to amputate them before the infection spread to his blood. The surgery went well and now everyone was praying and eagerly waiting for Tiger to recover. They were aware his spirit could be broken as he lost part of his body, but this amazing cat’s initial reaction once he started feeling a bit better stunned everyone around.

No one really expected that a cat who went trough so much in life would turn into a loving creature with the most vibrant personality and a strong will to live.

Once you see what Tiger is capable of doing, you are going to fall in love with him in an instant.