The Conversation Between This Woman And A Cat Next Door Is Going Viral Because It’s Too Cute – PAWS PLANET


When it comes to the life of cats in departments, we think that they will sit alone for long days, hang out by windows and watch the world go by. But for one cat, life is about to change — because he’s now internet famous.

His name is Marshall, a good-looking boy who caught the attention of Erika Strong, an employee at Shopify’s Toronto office. She was staring out her work window when she noticed a cat in someone’s apartment window across the way.
After admiring the adorable cat Marshall with squishy cheeks from afar, Strong and her colleague decided to get to know the mysterious cat’s name by putting notes on the window with the question: “What is your cat’s name?”
Then they waited and were greeted with the answer is a slightly crumpled piece of paper read in big bold letters “Marshall,”. Strong posted this story on Twitter and Marshall the cat seems to be the only thing that people are talking about. Just in 24 hours, her tweet went viral with over 44,000 retweets and over 155,000 likes.
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