Couple Celebrates Their Wedding With A Cat Groomsman And It Is Absolutely Adorable!



On your wedding day, you always want to have the most important people surrounding you. And of course, you cannot forget your beloved fur babies on this special day because they are just as important as real-life family members.

For couple Aaron and Michelle Benitez, their pet also holds a very special place in their hearts. So, when they celebrated their wedding, they made their special day absolutely purrfect by incorporating their five-year-old rescue cat, Prince Michael into the wedding day. The pair actually made Prince Michael one of the most adorable and gentle groomsmen.

The couple adopted Prince Michael five years ago, and now he lives his happy life in his family. “My husband adopted him, and we’ve had him for almost five years now,” Benitez said. “Michael’s a huge part of our lives and really important to us. It would have almost been weird not to have him part of our wedding day!”

“He’s been a huge part of our lives ever since we started dating. Even as a kitten, Michael would ride the subway with me, go to Central Park, Joshua Tree and the beach,” Aaron Benitez said.

The sight of seeing the cat walked down the aisle with all the groomsmen and was dressed in his own suit was something new for Jonnie and Garrett, the couple’s wedding photographers. They quickly captured the priceless moments of Michael and his parents on camera.

“We have photographed plenty of pups with their parents, but this was the first cat we’ve had the pleasure of photographing,” Burk said. “Even more important, a cat in a tuxedo! He is a huge part of the bride and groom’s life, and their day wouldn’t have been complete without him.”

“It was no surprise to see Prince Michael as Aaron’s groomsmen on his wedding day…Prince Michael is calm and loyal — just the kind of man you want standing next to you on your biggest day of your life,” one wedding guest said.

Congratulations on the wedding! Wishing that their love never fades away! For more information on Prince Michael, you can follow him on his Instagram page.

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