Couple Moved Up Wedding Date So That Their Dying Dog Could Attend



The average pet owner cares for their animals more than you will ever know. Anyone with a pet of their own knows that these are not just animals. They are members of the family. That’s why they are always present on special occasions. Whether it’s an anniversary, a birthday or a wedding, our dogs have to be involved. This is the story of one couple who takes their responsibility to their pets very seriously.

While we all love our animals very much, there are some people who are not willing to go above and beyond. This couple is not among that group. When Estelle and Bruce first met, she knew that they would be friends forever. The bullmastiff has proved to be a great companion. Estelle does not think of Bruce as a dog. She refers to him as her four-legged son.

Source: Estelle Harris via Facebook

One day, Estelle met the man of her dreams and fell in love. She and Daniel are now very happy together. Daniel and Bruce are the best of friends as well. Once it came time to plan for their wedding, they knew that Bruce would have to be involved. He was going to play a key role in their special day. Unfortunately, their plans were thrown into disarray when Bruce fell ill.

Source: Estelle Harris via Facebook

They knew that they could not have a wedding without him. The couple was willing to do everything in their power to make sure he could still be included. The dog’s gums were white and his tongue was blue. Bruce was taken to the vet’s office. From there, he was diagnosed with a disorder known as pleural effusion. His lungs and heart had filled up with fluid.

Source: Estelle Harris via Facebook

When a full body scan of the dog was conducted, a mass was found inside of his chest. He had a tumor that would have to be removed if he was going to survive. Fortunately, Bruce made it through the procedure with flying colors. He was going to be okay. However, the family received an even worse piece of news. The dog would soon be diagnosed with an aggressive form of cancer.

Source: Estelle Harris via Facebook

He had six months to live at most. The couple decided to get married earlier than they had planned so that Bruce would still be able to take part in the ceremony. Bruce even got to wear his own waistcoat, so that he matched with his dad. The couple is hoping that he can prove the doctors wrong. They have yet to give up on him. Please be sure to share away!

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