Couple Never Expected Their Date Night Would Turn Into A Kitten Rescue



Nikki and her husband were on their way for wine and music night when they saw a tiny little kitten. At that moment, the kind woman thought that she couldn’t leave this poor creature alone, so she decided to bring the kitten home instead of dating.

The kitten was so tiny and all by herself. She didn’t have any energy, so Nikki didn’t think the little baby would have made it through the night. She and her husband held onto the kitten and kept an eye on her all night.

“She was fighting either a viral or bacterial infection. Her weight was going down. She would not swallow on her own, so we started tube-feeding. She was in an incubator. I put that teddy bear in there with her as her little buddy and someone to snuggle with.”

Amazingly, she could finally eat on her own. The couple was happy to know that she was growing and was thriving. Although they loved the kitten so much, it was time for her to find a forever home. Thankfully, a family adopted her, and now she is living her best life with her loving owners.

Watch the video below to see the full story:

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