Couple Saves Blind Kitten And His Brother From Shelter



Jen and Ian are animal lovers, especially cats. For this reason, the couple has been fostering cats for nine years. They often go to their local shelter to help adult cats find their forever home.

They have already three cats of their own — all of which were foster fails, so they just planned on fostering more and looking for adult cats. However, everything had changed when they saw a tiny blind kitten who melted their hearts.

In 2018, the couple went to their local shelter and discovered a little blind kitten in the cage. Staffs at the shelter explained that he just had both of his eyes removed due to a genetic problem.

“I saw this tiny little kitten who has just has his eyes removed, so he had stitches on his eyes and he was wearing a cone, sitting in his cage, all by himself trying to eat out of a food bowl,” Jen told Naturee.

The vets said that the tiny guy was born with some genetic problem. His eyes did not function properly and were constantly infected, so they had to remove his eyes and close his eye sockets to prevent them from getting infected and keep him healthy and happy.

The couple knew the kitten need their help, and so they decided to foster him and named him Bop. The kitten was quickly familiar with his new life and he didn’t think that he was any different from any of cats.

“The idea of leaving him there was just not something that I could fathom so I was like, ‘Alright we’re taking this one,” Jen said.

At his new house, he explored and played just like any other kitten. However, Jen’s cats didn’t know how to interact with this little blind kitten, and they were a bit wary with him.

Jen remembered that Bop had a brother named Boop at the shelter. So, Jen and Ian decided to return the shelter to bring Bop’s brother home as a playmate for Bop. She hoped that Boop would help bridge the gap between her other cats and Bop.

Amazingly, Boop got along with the other cats, and he also loved his brother. Soon, all the cats were happily playing together!

After six months, the couple started talking about finding adopters for the cats, but they realized they didn’t want to give up the brothers. They loved them too much. And so, Jen and Ian officially adopted Bop and Boop!

Finally, Bop and Boop have found a great forever home and after a year with his owners, the cats are doing great. They also get along well with all the foster cats of Jen and Ian.

Check out the video below to learn more about Pop!

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