Couple Spots Dog With A Deer And Stop To Say ‘Hello’


A couple on their way out were surprised by two unusual animal companions in a field near their home in Fairmount, Indiana. There, in the field, was a young deer and a German Shepherd Dog walking together.

“My fiancé and I were leaving our home in the country (Fairmount, Indiana) and heading to dinner. As I was driving down the road, I saw a deer and told Tia, ‘look there’s a deer, nope it’s a dog. Nope, that’s a deer and a dog! That’s weird!’”

“I called to them and the dog ran off as the deer continued to browse along the edge of the road,” says the man whose fiance filmed the encounter. “I continued to video as the buck got closer. Eventually the buck came up to my vehicle and allowed me to pet him.”

The sweet moment ended as another vehicle pulled up behind them.

Commenters acknowledged the meeting was a sweet encounter but worried about the deer, noting the young buck likely was raised by people.

“Well meaning folks who feed deer are a problem but many deer hang around sources of feed, like farms, and get acclimated to humans that way too. Judging by the fact he has a dog buddy, I would put my money on him being treated as a pet,” said one.

“Not a normal wild deer… guessing it was found small and bottle fed. If it was wild the Dog would make it run, the truck would make it run, the Human would definitely make it run.”

Watch the video below

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