Cruel Owner Throws Disabled Dog Out of Car, Kicks Him Face-First Into the Ground –



No words can describe how sad and angry it makes me feel when I hear stories of savage people dumping their pets. There has to be something wrong with these culprits’ heads if they can get rid of an animal they are supposed to love and care for in the most inhumane manner possible.

Tintin is the dog that stole our hearts after his was broken into a million pieces.

A surveillance video showed his owner dumping him in the middle of the street and then driving off.

The wicked woman pulled over and got Tintin and another dog out of her car. She then shoved Tintin aside and let the other dog get inside the vehicle again. Poor Tintin who is disabled and can’t use his front legs tried to get inside himself, but the woman pushed him so hard that he fell on his face.

Tintin was looking around in confusion and had no idea what to do and just went back and forth.

Shortly after this horrendous incident, a neighbor saw Tintin and returned him to his owner, not aware he was dumped just hours before that. The crazy woman took him back and then dumped him again at another spot.

This time, Tintin was spotted by an animal rescue organization and was taken to a shelter.

People from Brasil, where Tintin is from, are asking from the authorities for the owner to face charges of animal cruelty and abuse. We truly hope she will pay for what she did to this loving and precious dog.

Below is the video that shows Tintin being dumped and thrown on the ground. Before proceeding have in mind some viewers may find it disturbing.


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