Dad Asks His Cockatoo “Do You Love Me?” And Her Response Will Make You Burst Out Laughing – PAWS PLANET



If you own a cockatoo, then you know that they are one of the most entertaining pets. Having a cockatoo is like having an extra family member because he or she can give you a lot of laughter, argue or joke with you, even can boost your spirit during hard times.

Now, imagine you ask a question to your cockatoo “Do you love me?”. Well, you hope that your pet doesn’t hesitate when she answers! However, the cockatoo named Pebble in this video has charmed his viewers with his hilarious answer.

Pebble’s owner is YouTuber ‘MegaBirdCrazy’ who shared an adorable video of himself with ‘Pebble’. In the clip, we can see the cockatoo and her dad sitting on the couch and talking when he asks Pebble if she loves him. Instead of answering his owner, Pebble just laughs a maniacal, hysterical laugh!

The owner obviously doesn’t feel bad about Pebbles’ response and he too starts laughing with her. It’s adorable to see Pebbles gently snuggles up and kisses him. You can see her wonderful answer in the clip below.

Take a look at this video!

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