Dad Hears Strange Noises In The Bedroom, Walks In On Cutest Scene Imaginable


Teaching children to treat everyone with respect, including animals, is something every parent should strive for. So when this dad saw what his child did, he felt really proud and was all smiles. Luckily, he caught the boy’s action on tape and now everyone can enjoy the beautiful moment his son shared with another family member.


The dad was working around the house when he heard strange noises coming from the bedroom. He said, “I don’t know what’s happening, but something’s happening,” so he rushed upstairs to check on his son. As he approached the room, he figured out what was going on so he took his camera and started filming.

He heard howling and laughter and when he entered the room he stumbled upon the cutest sight he’s ever seen.

Strange Noises

The little boy and the family dog are having a blast curled up under the blankets. The boy is apparently teaching the pup how to howl, and can’t stop laughing. But, he is satisfied with the dog’s progress and praises it by patting it on the head, saying ‘good boy.’

They have no idea the daddy is filming their cute interaction, and it makes the whole thing even more adorable.

Take a look at these two best friends having fun.