Deaf And Declawed Cat Left To Fend For Herself And Hunt For Food On The Street



Angel used to be a beautiful family cat until she was abandoned by her beloved family and forced to roam the streets alone to survive. Sadly, she was deaf and all four paws declawed, so she was not able to defend herself or look for food.

Her family left her behind because they had to move into a new place, and they couldn’t take her with them. They dumped her on the street, and then moved away without any care for her safety.

Thankfully, a volunteer of Almost Home Foundation, a local animal rescue in Schaumburg, Illinois, spotted her and saved her from life on the streets.

The volunteer found her curled up by the front door of her presumed previous home. Without her claws to catch prey, she couldn’t eat. There was no one looking after her, and she was found skinny and frail. If she was not saved in time, she would have died on the streets.

After being given food and a foster home with love and care, Angel started to quickly recover. She is now healthy and is ready for adoption.We hope that she will be happy and loved in her new home, and she will do best as the only cat in the home. Angel will never go back to wandering the streets again.

Animals love us unconditionally, and that is all they ask in return. Please don’t leave your pets behind! Take them with you! There is nothing more important than your family.

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