Deaf Dachshund Overcomes Early Life of Negligence and Misery to Become a Very Happy Dog –



Meet Frank, an adorable Dachshund who got a second chance for a better life all thanks to a kind man named Rafael Borges and his wife.

When they first meet this loving dog, he was all smelly and was living in his previous owner’s yard, locked in a small tiled area. Frank only weighted 6.6 pounds because he wasn’t fed neither properly, nor on time. All he ever got was some adult dog food.

Sadly, Frank was completely deaf, too. Borges believes his hearing loss was a result of an infection he suffered from. It’s beyond heartbreaking to know this dog was so severely neglected. He was shedding excessively and his only companion was a filthy and a torn blanket.

Thankfully, the Borges were willing to take this Dachshund in although they believed he wouldn’t make it past five days or a week.

“When we got him, he was afraid of shadows, glimmerings, peed everything (including himself), no tail wagging and fearful,” Borges writes in the description under the video of Frank that he made.

Although he’s still afraid whenever he sees a broom, a year after his rescue he’s one of the happiest dog’s we’ve ever met. He learned how to wag his tail and enjoy the love and devotion he is showed with every single day.

Borges says how the reason he filmed this video is his wish to raise awareness and encourage others to open the doors to their home for dogs like Frank. “I did this video to show how one can change the life of a being with only love and care.”


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