Desperate Parents Search For Missing Kids In Woods, K-9 Bane Finds Them In 15 Minutes PAWS PLANET



A police dog named Bane has been praised for locating two lost children in the woods of Powhatan, Virginia on March 23.

The two children, both aged 8, went missing in woods while playing a game of chase. Their frantic parents searched for 45 minutes but returned empty-handed. So, they decided to call the police for help.

When the police got the call, deputies from Powhatan Sheriff’s Office arrived with the K-9 officer Bane to help. Thanks to his superior sense of smell, he was able to find them within 15 minutes of entering the woods. “Within 15 minutes of K-9 Bane entering the woods he was able to track and locate the children,” the sheriff’s office reported.

After the successful outcome of the search and the children were home safe, K-9 Bane proudly posed for a photo and prepared for the next call for service. Job well done K-9 Bane!

Maintaining a K-9 program is expensive and very time consuming and that is why many agencies the size of the Powhatan…

Posted by Powhatan Sheriff’s Office on Sunday, March 24, 2019

The young kids and the family are beyond grateful at Bane for saving their lives. Please share to pay tribute to K-9 police the dog and all the other dogs who are helping us in so many ways.