Distressing Moment Dog Rescued From Puppy Mill Didn’t Even Know How To Sleep Lying Down – PAWS PLANET



It sounds crazy when a dog doesn’t know how to sleep lying down, but it is true. This is a harrowing story of a little poodle, who was saved from a puppy mill in Georgia along with about 700 other dogs after inhumane actions came to light.
Thankfully, the pup met Melissa Lentz, a kind woman who rescued him and give him a new name, Jordan Knight. His foster mom knew that he was terrified when he had lived in overcrowded cages. So, she always tries to help him have a better life in her house.
On his first night in the new house, Jordan brought his owner to tears when he went over to the dog bed in the corner. Instead of lying down, Jordan rested only the top of his little head on the pillow, still standing, fell asleep. He was so used to standing to sleep because he had never learned to lie down for a good night’s sleep.
“He was so used to standing to sleep due to his cramped cage,” Releash Atlanta, the organization that helped rescue Jordan and place him in foster care, explained. “He did the same thing on his first night in his foster home.”

But it wasn’t long, with a lot of love and attention from his foster family, he’s finally settling in. Jordan started to know that things were different in this place. There is a lot of room to explore, and many places where he can lie down.
“These dogs have been traumatized emotionally and mentally. In order to expect them to suddenly change overnight is impossible, but we are doing our best to erase their past and replace it with love, attention, and comfort while they learn this whole new world of theirs.”
Jordan and hundreds of other dogs will be looking for a forever home in the future as soon as they are physically and emotionally ready. However, the most important thing at the moment is to continue to recover.

Watch the harrowing video below!

h/t: The Dodo