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Dogs have super powers. These gentle and loyal animals can sense if their owners are happy or sad. That being so, they are always there to share the feelings their humans experience.

Moses is a Pit Bull Terrier who was adopted a year ago and loved his life with his family. Sadly, they experienced some hard times and had to move places, and the only house they could afford wouldn’t allow pets.

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Unfortunately, that meant Moses had to be brought back to the shelter.

The most heart-rending thing was that he could feel he was going to be left behind.

The poor animal did all in his power to make his family change their mind and keep him. After all, they took great care of him and loved him unconditionally. However, were forced to make the decision to take him back to the shelter, which they said was the hardest they have ever made.

Moses spotted a volunteer, Nancy Klein, who took the touching video, and crawled into her lap. She could sense he turned to her to ask for help. Maybe he believed she could convince his family not to leave the place without him.

It was one of the saddest moments Nancy has ever experienced, but the video she took would help Moses find a new family again.

Seeing him bagging not to be surrendered, hundreds of people messaged Nancy and the shelter asking for Moses. These kind-hearted people were all willing to open the doors to their hearts for him.

Luckily, the shelter was able to locate just the family for Moses.

Nancy took to Facebook a day after she posted the video and wrote:

“I just got news that MOSES WAS ADOPTED!!  and he has two new human kids to play with and love him!  We are SO very happy for him!”

This family is over the moon to be having Moses around, as they know he is one of the most loyal dogs out there.

Nancy probably knew the video of Moses would trigger compassion at people. However, what she didn’t expect was for it to help the rest of the dogs at the shelter.

Once Moses was adopted, many people visited the place asking for a dog like him that was either surrendered or had a hard life. Luckily, many of the canines found their happy endings thanks to Moses and Nancy.

Many volunteers go above and beyond to help the creatures that come to their shelters, and we can never thank them enough for that.


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