Dog drags blanket all the way outside, and mom follows to take a picture



It looks like dogs are not only loyal and friendly to humans, but to those of their kind too. Lana is one very special dog with a heart of gold. From the moment this beauty was rescued off the streets of Brazil, she makes the days of her owner Suelen Schaumloeffel filled with love, laughter, and fun time.

And as everyone is already aware of how great of a dog Lana is, this time she made something that left her human mommy speechless.

One day, as Lana and Suelen were taking a walk, they noticed a stray dog staying outside of their home. In the next moment, Suelen could see her dog returning back home. She was a bit puzzled at first, but she then saw Lana dragging her blanket outside. She then laid it out between her and her new doggy friend. All she wanted was to keep this other dog warm while she stayed next to him.

Suelen though this was the cutest thing ever, so she did just the right thing by snapping a photo of the lovely encounter.

It looks like Lana never forgot of the time she was a stray dog herself, who was spending her days wandering the streets. She now saw someone who was in need of some love and kindness and she was there to give it to them.

The best part is that after the photo of the two dogs vent viral, the stray was adopted. Thanks to Lana, another stray dog got a forever home.

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