Dog Found Locked In A Cage With Nothing Near A Carpool Pickup Area in the Netherlands



Abandoning animals at secluded places and dumping grounds for the sole purpose of getting rid of them and let them die is something we witness way too often. Honestly, we can’t even imagine how cruel someone should be in order to do such horrific thing to an innocent soul.

Recently, some passersby at a carpool pickup area in Nieuwegein in the Netherlands came across a heartbreaking sight. Near the woods, there was a locked cage with a dog inside. The people rushed to contact the authorities and hopefully set the animal free.

It was obvious the dog had gone through an ordeal, but despite that, she was pretty friendly and overjoyed to be spotted by the rescuers. Once the police arrived, they took her out of the cage and straight at the vet’s where it was determined she was a two-year-old Shepherd mix.

The dog didn’t have a microchip and no one could assume who the person who abandoned her was, but they were determined to find that out and teach that cruel individual a lesson.

The police is asking from the citizens to provide them with any relevant information on the owner of the dog or the wrongdoer who abandoned her to die. They spread the story on their Facebook page and are hoping for a positive outcome.

The dog is currently placed at the local shelter and is waiting for a new owner. We honestly hope someone will come across and give her a nice forever home.

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