Dog Gets Special Spa Days So He Can Nap in Kitchen Sink


This dog named Dunkin who got Dog Gets Special Spa developed quite an unusual habit of sleeping in his kitchen sink. His family got a little annoyed by it, so they came up with a compromise.

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Special Spa

Haley Deecken, Dunkin’s mother, posted two cute videos of him along with saying:“As many of you know, Dunkin LOVES to nap in our kitchen sink. It was becoming a problem because every time I’d walk into the kitchen, there’d be a dog in my sink giving me a dirty look as if i was the nuisance. Well, me and him compromised so now every time I say ‘sink time’ he comes flying in to have his sink spa time. 10/10 pureness.”

Once he gets in, his momma gives Dunkin his favorite toy to make it all even more enjoyable!

Dunkin seems like he is loving it!

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