German Shepherd Dog hears a child crying for the first time and is left in disbelief


This German Shepherd’s playful day turned into a strange and sort of scary experience as he heard what a child’s crying sounds like for the first time in his life. And based on his reaction, we’d say that not only he didn’t like it, but he acted pretty concerned.

German Shepherd Dog

He was goofing around the house and playing with some toys, when his human mommy played the video of the crying child on her phone. She definitely wasn’t prepared for such reaction by her lovely dog. We are so glad she got to share the funny video with the rest of us.

German Shepherd Dog

The moment he hears the strange sound, the German Shepherd decides to come closer and see what is really going on. He takes a look at the phone’s screen and doesn’t like what he’s seeing so he takes a step back. As he returns to his toys, he makes a hilarious movement with his head, as though he’s trying to say that he doesn’t approve of that disturbing noise.

The other dog, on the other hand, doesn’t seem very concerned because of the loud crying.

This video is both funny and cute, and you definitely don’t want to miss it.


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