Dog Hears Farmer’s Whistle Coming From Field With Laugh-Out-Loud Scene Quickly Unfolding


Megan is one speedy girl who knows how to enjoy her doggie day. She is a lurcher. If you haven’t heard of this breed of dog so far now you know they are primary hunting dogs who rely on their speed and sight rather than scent. They usually are an offspring of a sighthound crossed with a terrier, herding breed or large scenthound. These dogs also make great pets because they are considered to be highly intelligent, calm and devoted.

It seems like Megan possesses all of these traits and above all she does something odd that draws laughter at those who watch her.

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Doggie day

The video below shows Megan hanging out with her lovely friend Molly, a small Jack Russell. They spend their days on a farm full of grass and tall crops. The sun is shining and the two seem to have the time of their lives as they are free to run alongside the path. At one particular moment they hear a whistle and start running through the crop field and the tall grass which appears to be taller than Molly so she can’t be spotted. Actually all we see is Megan’s wagging tail.

Suddenly, something hilarious happens. Megan starts running and bouncing at the same time so that she resembles a rabbit or a kangaroo. Watching her having a blast is the best thing you’ll come across all day. At one point we can see her trying to find her friend who is hard to be seen in the grass after which she continues having fun.

Check the video below and enjoy Megan’s amusing behavior. You sure gonna laugh hard.

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