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Dogs are known for their loyal, brave, and altruistic nature. It seems that the majority of them come with a strong compassion gene and will go out of their way to take care of those around them. All of those around them. There are countless stories of dogs helping not just humans, but other animals, too. Hazel is one such dog who just didn’t have it in here to pass up the opportunity to help an abandoned kitten out.

While not all dogs become service or search and rescue dogs, it doesn’t mean that a plain ol’ furbaby doesn’t have it in them to get the job done.

Source: Wikimedia Commons/Jocelyn Augustino

Hazel lives with her mom, Monica Burks, in Abilene, Texas. The Yorkie-Chihuahua-Poodle mixed pup is a constant joy and source of comfort to her human. Recently, though, she proved she is just as caring when it comes to other animals too, making her just as much a hero as any service dog out there.

One day Monica gently bumped Hazel outside to force her to go potty. She didn’t really want to go out in the rain and needed a little encouragement. When the 3-year-old pup didn’t return after a few minutes, her human started to worry.

When Monica peeked outside to search for Hazel, she was shocked to see her trotting up the driveway with a tiny kitten in tow.

Source: Youtube screenshot

When Hazel had taken her potty break, Monica assumes that she’d heard a thin whining sound and went to investigate. When she found a drenched, tiny kitten left in the rain all by itself, apparently Hazel’s maternal instincts kicked into overdrive.

Hazel was going to help the kitten by leading it to her human in the warm, dry house.

Though Hazel was putting forth a valiant effort, getting the kitten to come along proved a difficult task. Seeing the adorable event unfold, Monica grabbed her phone a recorded her sweet pup herding the kitten back home.

Source: Youtube screenshot

In the short, 45-second video, you can see Hazel begin running up the driveway with the baby kitten behind her. Though the kitten is following Hazel closely, she is obviously a bit nervous about where they’re headed.

The kitten stops for a moment, looking like it was about to run back off, but Hazel turns back and convinces the kitten to keep following.

Source: Youtube screenshot

Hazel proceeds to run up the drive and hops up onto the porch stoop. The little kitty, though, is having a much tougher time. The water was pooling at the step and while Hazel was big enough to hop through it like a puddle, the tiny kitten looked like she was swimming in a lake.

The kitty is tougher than it looks, though, and after struggling a bit with Hazel watching over her, she is able to make it up on the stoop.

Then Hazel turns around and jumps over the threshold of the side door and into the house. When she turns to look for the kitten, though, she’s a little surprised to find it still outside on the porch. The little kitten couldn’t make it over the threshold. It was simply too tall.

Source: Youtube screenshot

After watching the kitten struggling to climb up into the house, Hazel decides to make it easy on her new friend and uses her teeth to grab the kitten by the scruff and swings it into the house.

The video has melted over 700,000 hearts and counting since first being uploaded in November. Monica nursed the kitten back to health, with Hazel’s amazing help, of course, and named her Sheba. She has since been adopted by Monica’s brother, Mark, and has the best cousin in Hazel that a kitty could ever ask for.

To see the precious moment for yourself, watch Hazel lead the kitten to her new furrever family in the video below.

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