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Dog Who Lived Inside An Old Car Tire Is Now Rescued!


The dog was found by the side of a dusty road..

One man had been driving past a landfill in Puerto Peñasco, Mexico when something by the road had caught his eye. It was an old car tire, and there appeared to be something inside of it that was moving around.

Curious, the man decided to peer closer at it. He slowly approached the tire, and was stunned to find an animal alive in it. All curled up in a ball and inside of the tire was a skinny and sickly dog with horribly matted fur!

The man knew he had to act fast to save the poor dog. He immediately notified Claudia Ortega, who was the manager of a veterinary hospital associated with an animal rescue organization named Compassion Without Borders (CWOB). It is a facility for and dedicated to rescuing stray dogs and cats from harsh lives on the streets.

The dog, who was affectionately named Yoko by staff, was estimated to be an eight-year-old pooch. She was wary of humans at first, but soon warmed up to Claudia. Claudia placed the sick dog in a transportation crate and brought her back to Compassion Without Borders, where she could be properly examined. Claudia realized that Yoko had an ulcerated wound on her stomach, as well as a severe flea and tick infestation.

Watch Yoko’s story in the video below

While Yoko still faces some medical issues today, staff believe that she would successfully make a full recovery. Yoko would also be eligible for adoption soon – after a few weeks!

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