Dog Lost For Two Years Is So Happy To Be Reunited With His Best Friend



Seeing animals that have been separated from their owners can be heartbreaking. These animals do not deserve the circumstances that they have been forced to endure. In many instances, they will spend their lives on the streets while they wait to be reunited with the people who are most important to them. This is the story of a Ukrainian dog who went through a harrowing experience.

The blue eyed fellow was discovered by a local rescue team. It was obvious that he had seen better days. His years on the street had not been kind. He was emaciated and had faced numerous hardships. The rescuers wanted to make sure that the dog was able to find a new home before it was too late. They did not realize that he was already in search of his old one.

His old owner missed him terribly, although the rescuers were not yet aware of this fact. When the dog first arrived, they took a picture and posted it online. While the rescuers expected the process to take some time, the pictures that were taken struck a major chord in the hearts of many. The post was shared hundreds of time and animal lovers around the world wanted to know what they could do to help him.

All it took were a few social media shares to make a major difference in the animal’s life. A woman contacted the shelter and said that the dog bore a resemblance to the one that had been stolen from her house two years ago. “She’d been looking for her dog for two years,” says Galina. As a worker for the shelter, she was initially skeptical.

Once a meeting was arranged, it became obvious that the owner was not lying. The dog immediately recognized the woman and they had one of the most touching reunions that you are ever going to see. You are about to witness a miracle. Be sure to have your tissues at the ready. The shelter was finally able to learn the dog’s true name as well: Lord.

Lord and his owner are clearly very happy to see one another again. We are sad that they had to be apart for so long, though. The shelter is thankful to everyone who passed the post along. Without their help, this woman may have never found her lost pet. Take a moment to pass this touching story along to your closest friends and loved ones.

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