Dog owner tries to abandon his dog but what happened


Animals are capable of giving so much love to humans, but instead, they are many times abandoned, abu*ed, neglected, and forced to suffer unbearable pain.


Recently, a man named Stephen Sage Silver witnessed one of the most heartbreaking sights unfolding right before his eyes. A couple parked their car near Lake Ming in Bakersfield, California and tried to flee the scene leaving their dog behind. When Silver approached and confronted the man, he tried to get into a fight with him.

The saddest part of all is that as the owner was forcefully pushing the beautiful dog, he though the man was just playing with him and was wagging his tail in excitement, not knowing he would end up on the road all by himself. And as the animal tried getting closer to the vehicle, he was kicked in the face again. Before leaving for good, the owner gave his dog one final push.

The cruel man even started yelling at Silver, “It’s your dog, not mine!” and then sped away.

On the video he posted on Facebook, Silver could be heard saying, “Hell no, that’s your dog, man! That’s f**ked up! This guy is dumping his dog right here.” Although he knew the poor dog would be much better without that lunatic, Silver didn’t want the owner to get away with what he did. 

The dog was trying to understand what was going on and how did he find himself by the side of the road all alone. He even suffered injuries from the kicks, but luckily, minor ones. What was more painful was the heartbreak of being abandoned in such a manner.

The good thing is that Silver could see everything and was there to help the dog. He alerted Kern County Animal Services about the incident and they were willing to step in and take the animal under their wing.

We are praying for this beautiful dog to find a forever home and become part of a loving family. 

As for his former owners, Silver is asking people to share his video in hopes of identifying them. Hopefully, they would face charges for the cruel act and wouldn’t be allowed to own a pet ever again.

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