Dog Rescuer Gets The Surprise Of A Lifetime As His Story Touches Millions



When love for dogs is greater than life, that leads to stories like that of Thayne Hamilton and his wife Christine who have devoted their life rescuing and adopting canines in need.

As soon as they took the first neglected and abused dog under their care and realized how their dedication helped turn him into a completely new animal, they knew they have found their mission. Soon after, the property where they lived turned into a dog paradise now known as Grey Muzzle Rescue.

The nation learned of the Hamilton family and their noble cause after Thayne’s friends convinced him to enter a contest on a Seattle based Talk It Up TV. The person whose story would be most inspiring would receive a check on $1,000. Needless to say, that of Thayne melted the hearts of millions and he ended up winning the prize.

In the touching video, Thayne recalls the time when he and his late wife Christine made a decision to found the rescue center. He spoke of the challenges they faced during the years and how his kind wife refused the medical treatment she had to receive because it cost a lot, and in order for it to be covered they had to sell the property. She was perfectly aware that it would mean leaving the dogs homeless, and she wouldn’t let that happen.

The loving woman chose her dogs’ happiness over her own life, but she left this world knowing her husband would keep on caring for the dogs.

Thayne is now spending all his money on dog’s food, and he needs the help of kind-hearted individuals to help him carry out his mission.

One of the dogs he and his wife saved was a neglected pooch who spent 14 years of his life chained. But these people made a difference in that dog’s life, and now Thayne wants to do it for other dogs who are neglected and abused.

Luckily, after his story spread, the producers of the show stepped up and besides the check, they found other ways to ease Thayne’s struggles of providing for the animals.

You can take a look at the whole story in the video below. It’s so touching, it will make you cry. It’s because of people like Thayne and his late wife that our faith in humanity is restored.

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