Dog sees bearded man in airport & freaks out


What is greater than the love of dogs for their human family? I guess nothing. These sweet creatures are called man’s best friend for a reason and this sweet story is just another proof that nothing beats the genuine affection dogs feel for people.


Anthony Podolinsky and his partner McKayla Crump decided to move places and start their new life in Oregon together with their loving dog Brady. The plan was for McKayla and Brady to leave earlier and wait for Anthony there, but things took a different turn when Anthony’s father’s health condition suddenly worsened and he had to stay back in Alaska and provide around the clock care for him. 

bearded man

“The plan was I was going to drive down with my brother and the dog and Anthony would fly down 3 weeks later,” McKayla explained. “But unfortunately his father’s health took a serious turn for the worse and Anthony has to cancel his flight to Bend.”

Unfortunately, Anthony’s father passed away in November of last year, but he stayed home some time longer helping his mom getting things done.

Those three months this family spent away from each other felt like eternity, and both Anthony and McKayla were eager to see each other again. That was true for Brady too. He missed his human daddy very much and couldn’t wait to hug him and treat him with a bunch of licks. The so much anticipated reunion took place the day before Christmas, when Anthony finally arrived in Oregon.

The moment he and his dog saw each other again is something unbelievably heartwarming and we can’t thank McKayla enough for putting this encounter on tape. Along with the footage, she wrote: “There’s literally nothing better than a dog being reunited with his hooman. Happy holidays everyone!”

Anthony is waiting at the airport, sitting in a chair when Brady sees him. He doesn’t recognize him at first, but then he gets closer and starts sniffing his owner after he realizes it’s really him. The dog’s reaction is incredible. He starts jumping on Anthony and can’t stop wagging his tail, showing how happy he is. Neither the passengers nor we could hold the tears of joy back.

We are so happy this lovely family of three is together again. It’s amazing how they all love each other. 

Take a look at the heartwarming reunion in the video below.

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