Dog Sheds a Tear Before Dying After Being Poisoned!



The dog was sent to death by some cruel men
This is the cruelty of highest level and the dog has faced this cruelty from some stone hearted men. Some men poisoned the dog as the dog lost his life. Before the death the dog had tears in his eyes.

Sadly, we’ve seen lot of people hurting, killing, and even consuming these precious animals. These innocent are sometimes even being left in the streets to starve and to die, while some suffer from abuse of the highest level inside the homes. But this is the story of innocent but cruel group of people, who poisoned the dog.

They were trying to steal something but the dog kept barking at them so he has to suffer the death due to his loyalty. Every pet is precious to their owner, Achy Wijaya was heartbroken when she discovered her precious dog dying from poison one morning. This incident belongs Indonesia.


Story Source: Online

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