Dog Who Spent Her Whole Life In A Metal Cage Feels A Soft Bed For The First Time


Is someone’s life more valuable than that of the others? According to those willing to pay a small fortune for purebred dogs, yes. These people believe how these puppies are better than the mutts and the strays. Now, what someone likes or dislikes, such in this case, wouldn’t be any of our concern if the demand for “designer” puppies didn’t affect the growth of the puppy mills.

These places are known for the awful conditions they keep the dogs in. Most of the canines spend their whole life in tiny cages and the sole purpose for keeping them is breeding. These poor creatures never feel loved or cared for, and that breaks our hearts.

Luckily, animal advocates are untiringly fighting for the dogs’ rights and asking for the animals from the puppy mills to be saved. But no matter how great this sounds, achieving that is not easy. According to the Humane Society there are around 10,000 puppy mills in the U.S. in which around 200,000 dogs are placed. 

Delilah is a 9-year-old dog who was rescued from one of these horrible places by the National Mill Dog Rescue. The moment this beautiful dog gets to feel the comfort of a soft bed for the first time in her life is priceless.

This is truly an amazing video that shows how we can all make a difference in a dog’s life if we fight against the existence of puppy farms.



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