Dog Spots Bird Drowning In Pool — And He Jumps In


Canines are very often, well known to have beautiful hearts of their own – as expected of man’s best friend. This is proven true when a dog named Yago was found to be warming himself up by basking in the morning sun in his home yard in Argentina. Suddenly, he picked up the sound of a creature squawking in distress. His owner, a woman named Mariana Corti and her partner, were awakened by the commotion in the process.

“When we woke up, we heard a flutter coming from the patio. When we looked out the window, we saw that a pigeon was fighting for its life in the pool,”Corti said in an interview with a local radio station.

But just then, much to Corti’s amazement, the woman had watched as her dear Yago leapt into action and refused to stand there and do nothing as the bird drowns.

Dog Spots Bird

Yago had jumped in without a thought and gently pulled the bird away from the middle of the pool so that the pigeon could regain her strength in time to fly away.

Yago’s owners were very touched and proud of his kind gesture towards the bird in her time of need – it even seemed instinctual. There is certainly a great amount of good in his heart, and those who love him knew best.

Corti wrote the following in an online post: “My son, my beautiful Yago. How I love you, my precious thing.”

Dog Spots Bird

Watch the whole scene in the video below!

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