Dog Trapped In Tar Barks Until Someone Comes To His Rescue



A group of workers from the town of Suwalki in Poland were walking down a forest road when they heard dog’s barking. They realized something was really wrong as the sound resembled whimpering.

When they finally tracked the animal down, they were left heart-broken. The poor dog was helplessly laying in a puddle of tar, unable to move an inch.

The kind people tried getting the dog out but as it was completely stuck, they thought it would be for the best if they contacted animal services.

Shortly after, an animal rescuer from the Niczyje Animal Foundation named Joanna Godlewska arrived at the scene.

“When I finally arrived and saw a dog lying in the tar, tears came to my eyes,” Godlewska told The Dodo.

Godlewska knew the time was running out and that it was of crucial importance for the little dog to be taken at a safe place as soon as possible.

They assumed it was abandoned in the forest and got stuck into the tar as he was looking for a warm place to hide.

As releasing the dog wasn’t easy, Godlewska had to ask the fire department to step in. Luckily, after using a ton of dish soap that they rubbed into his fur, sweet Farcik (that’s how they named it) was saved.

“He understood that we were saving him,” Godlewska said.

Once at the vet’s, Farcik was provided with medical attention. He was treated for exhaustion and the injuries he sustained on the face.

The best thing is that Farcik is currently staying with the person who saved his life. He enjoys his days and gets lots of food and baths.

“He feels better and better,” Godlewska said.

With the attention he gets every single day by Godlewska and the vets, Farcik is getting stronger and healthier.

Hopefully, once he heals completely, his rescuer would be able to find him a loving forever home.

“I just wanted to save him,” Godlewska said. “Thank you to everyone who saved this dog.”

We honestly hope that after the ordeal he had to go through, Farick will get his happy ending with a family that would love him unconditionally.

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