Dog Whose Owner ‘Forgot’ To Feed Him Day After Day, Until He Could Barely Stand PAWS PLANET


Benji, a poor dog was rescued from an owner who “forgot” to feed him. Actually, that person doesn’t deserve to own a pet and we can’t call him an owner because of what he did to the dog.

Benji had spent his entire life chained up and lying his only bed was the concrete floor. The young dog was deprived of food, almost dying. His body also covered in wounds he sustained when cruel people threw rocks at him.

Thankfully, Sidewalk Specials, an animal rescue in Cape Town, South Africa, arrived to save him. It was heartbreaking to see his condition, but the kind rescuers had taken Benji from that horrible place and gave him the love and care he deserved.

When they first placed a bowl of food in front of Benji, he was in disbelief and just looked at it. He was sure it was a trick, and he’d get beaten if he ate it. However, he was so hungry and he couldn’t stop himself.

“He thought it was a trick and he’d get kicked for eating, but he was too hungry to stop,” rescuers wrote.

Benji’s condition at the beginning of the video might be difficult to watch for some viewers but his recovery is truly amazing! Wait until you see Benji at 2:00! You won’t believe what you’re seeing! It’s heartbreaking but in the best way possible!

Watch the video here:

We really don’t understand how people can be so cruel. Pets deserve much love, happiness and to be fed regularly! Thank you to all the wonderful people who save Benji. We are so glad that Benji was rescued from his torture in time and found a forever loving with the people who love him.

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