Donkeys Say Emotional Goodbye To Their Deceased Friend


A donkey named Bram, who was a rescued animal, passed away recently. The video of the emotional farewell by the drove is a proof that animals have emotions and are able to feel loss and sadness.

Bram was an old donkey who was in poor health when he was rescued by the Donkey Farm Foundation in the Netherlands. But during his time at the sanctuary, he was surrounded by people and other donkeys who loved him dearly.

He became best friends with the leader of the herd, the dark brown donkey you’ll see in the video below. As the donkeys enter the yard to say their last goodbyes they see Bram’s body, and mournfully cry out. The leader is especially distraught and nips Bram in his belly to get him to wake up. The rescue group writes that the leader couldn’t “accept that his friend is dead”.

I can’t get over how all the donkeys are crying when they come out to bid him farewell and surround his body. They definitely are emotional and feeling the loss of their friend.

Watch the touching scene below and share it with your friends.