Drunk Owner Kicks His Dog To Death After Peeing On Kitchen!



Matthew Benjamin, a thirty-seven-year-old dog’s owner, kicked Diesel, his dog more than 100 times for peeing in the kitchen! Unfortunately, the 18-month-old pet started yelping and screaming helplessly but no avail as he was dead because of the shocking abuse.

The owner of the construction company, Matthew, was heard shouting that he wants to kill the dog. The neighbors in in Chepstow, Monmouthshire felt that the dog was kicked until he is dead. Thankfully, Matthew was arrested Gwent police officers for what he did.

His defense attorney, Andrew Twomlow, filed a single guilty plea. He claims that Diesel was hit by him for just six to seven times! His case is called by the judge who heard it as a vicious and cowardly attack without any mercy toward the dog.

Finally, Matthew has been banned from possessing any animal for life and he also sentenced to seventeen weeks in jail. At the same time, many animal activists are now trying to get him the maximum sentence of five years for what he did. Watch the video below.

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