Duffel Bag Full of Puppies Found in Hot Dumpster, Police Asks Public for Help –


My heart breaks into a million pieces whenever I hear stories of animal neglect. All I wish for is pet owners to finally understand that no animal should ever be treated like trash. Sadly, many cats and dogs, as well as other pets, end up abandoned just because someone decided they don’t want them any longer.

Authorities from the Phoenix Police Department and Arizona Humane Society are asking the public to help them identify and track down the monster who threw five puppies placed in a duffel bag in a dumpster. Sadly, only three of them, all females, were lucky enough to survive.

Speaking of the case, Kelsey Dickerson of the Arizona Humane Society said: “A Good Samaritan went to throw out some trash in the dumpster, and they saw a duffel bag moving, so they opened it and there were five puppies in there.”

People who live around the Phoenix area say how there are many stray dogs wandering around. Some even said how they’ve seen the puppies’ mommy before she vanished.

Dickerson explains how she’s aware that many people find themselves in the position of being unable to keep their pets any longer and begs pet owners if they ever find themselves in a situation like that to simply surrender their pet in the nearest shelter. Dumping it and leaving it somewhere to die is cruel and inhumane and should never be an option.

She adds, “Our pet resource center is there for you 365 days a year. We’re going to give you resources, or at the very least, we’re going to bring them in to find them forever homes.”

The three surviving puppies are doing great despite everything they’ve gone through.

In case you have any information of the culprit who heartlessly dumped the puppies please contact Silent Witness at 480-WITNESS.

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