Elderly Dog Was Unable To Eat, But Her Owner Had A Brilliant Solution


Now this elderly dog would be able to eat better!

Some time ago, a family named Daisy had her owners worried when she could not adjust to eating and drinking normally like other dogs due to a health condition. This spurred her family, namely Doug and Brian Jones, to create a high chair specially shaped for the dog. The chair was lovingly crafted, and was meant to ease Daisy’s health condition so that she may start eating and drinking as per normal again.

Last summer, the then 10-year-old Daisy began suffering from what seemed like respiratory problems at first. It was not, as she was later diagnosed with myasthenia gravis, which is an autoimmune disease. It had led to Daisy having megaesophagus, in which a Bailey chair is required for the canine’s daily feedings.

Daisy’s esophagus was enlarged, making it hard for her throat to get food and water to her digestive system. Daisy’s veterinarian instructed for Daisy to sit in a Bailey chair every time she ate or drank from then onwards. Doug and Brian Jones, who are woodworkers, had an idea to build a custom-fitted one so that Daisy would be as comfortable as possible.

The family were worried at first, and wondered if Daisy would have a difficult time adjusting. Much to their delight, Daisy was not only happily hopping into her chair all on her own, but also pawing at the tray where her food and drinks are served once she was settled!

Her family had even laughed in awe because Daisy was so smart. They were surprised that she got in the chair by herself, but even more so when she showed that she was ready to eat!

Daisy and her family reside in Dayton, Nevada. Grace Jones and her husband are over 60-years-old and have already retired. The couple had Daisy for more than nine years since she was a puppy. Daisy was brought to a local Dollar Tree shop, where the couple’s daughter, Sarah was working at. Her daughter offered to give Daisy a home, and rest is history.

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Six months after Daisy’s diagnosis, the family continued to embark on as many outdoor adventures as they could, along with some safety modifications as they try their best to work around Daisy’s disability.

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