Electrician rescues Zeus the kiteboarding dog from his kidnapper


Those who own a pet know how owners are sometimes worried for the safety of their lovely companions whenever they are outdoors running around because there are cruel people out there who may hurt them. Animals become family and even the thought of ever losing them saddens our hearts.

Unfortunately that is exactly what happened to the owners of Zeus, the Jack Russel terrier who is everything but an ordinary dog. He got stolen from his owners on November 4th, and everyone feared for his life, especially 16-year-old Cameron Maramenides who is a member of the U.S kiteboarding team that is going to take part in the 2020 Olympics. Cameron’s father is Dimitri Maramenides, a world-renowned kiteboarder.

When we said Zeus was special, you may assume he “inherited” the kiteboarding skills of his family members whom he accompanies on their kiteboarding adventures. His talent brought him to the pages of famous magazines and many videos.

One day, after such an adventure, the family noticed Zeus wasn’t neither inside nor near the truck. They started calling his name and looking around but he was nowhere to be found. They immediately contacted the police and shared the sad news on Facebook offering $3,500 reward for Zeus’ return.

A couple of days passed by, but no sign of the dog until November 8th when one electrician found himself in the right place at the right time. Miguel Camacho was waiting to take a test at West Tempa Park and was scrolling through Facebook when he suddenly came across the story about Zeus, and just as he lifted his head, he saw a same dog as one on the photo in front of him.

I was sitting there, reading the article, the guy pulls up, gets out the car, grabs the dog and I’m thinking, man this looks just like that dog.

He didn’t hesitate to call the number and tell the owners what he’d just seen. He spoke to Cameron and told him about this dog that resembled Zeus a great deal. He could feel the boy was scared for his dog’s life since his voice was trembling.

They called the police, but since the owners had to be present, they asked Camacho to not leave the possible kidnapper out of sight until the owners come. Although he was about to take an important test, Camacho knew the life of the dog could not compare to anything else so he drove after the gray Sedan. The problem was that the man noticed Camacho so he pulled his car and started arguing and asking why he was following him to what Camacho bravely said, “I believe that dog isn’t yours” and called the dog’s name. The smart dog jumped right off the car and entered Camacho’s. The man run away and the dog was saved thanks to Camacho’s courage to confront the kidnapper.

It wasn’t long until Zeus the kiteboarding dog was reunited with his owners. While he was only missing for a week, it must have felt like an eternity to them.

We are feeling completely exhausted, yet elated and we are still pinching ourselves to see if we are dreaming. We are so fortunate Miguel was there and was willing to put himself into a possibly dangerous situation to get our dog back.

The kidnapper hasn’t been located so far, but the most important thing is that Zeus is returned to his loving family all thanks to Camacho’s decision to help. He did miss the test, but was praised for his actions from everyone who read Zeus’ story. He also got the reward, which he plans to put into savings for his children.

Once the teacher learned of Camacho’s brave act, she offered him to take the test.

If you were Miguel Camacho, would you do the same thing? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section below.

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