Every Day Dog Swims Out Into Water-But His Reason Has Everyone Pulling Out Their Cameras


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Dog Swim

It’s pretty well-known that dogs are a man’s best friend. But did you know that they are also a dolphin’s best friend? I didn’t either until I saw this video! The proof is all there! Dog swim all day long.

It all takes place on this little Irish remote island, which is just northwest of the Wild Atlantic Way. There, a Labrador retriever who lives in a nearby hotel has a daily routine of greeting people in a tourist boat, and his best friend Dougie.

And if you haven’t guessed it already, Dougie is the Dolphin that follows the boat into the harbor, and patiently waits for his good friend to join him in the water. And every day, the dog jumps in without fail to spend some quality time with him.

The dog swims out from the hotel into the harbor where Dougie swims up to greet him, and they begin their little routine. This routine that they have come up with was not choreographed one bit. They have come up with their game of tag by themselves, and have continued to do so ever since.

Dog swim

They continue this for as long as they can, enjoying the time swimming with one another, and making the tourists smile and laugh. You could say it has become their job and duty, but one they thoroughly enjoy.

After they are all worn out and tired, Dougie follows the boat back to sea as it leaves, while the dog swims back to the shore, and then makes the short trek back to the hotel.

Both go back to their little homes and rest because they know that the very next day, they will get up bright and early again, ready to do it yet again the next day.

These two never fail to make someone smile, and we are so glad that they share such a special friendship full of fun, smiles, and laughter.

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