Family Celebrates Their Kitten With Newborn Photoshoot And It’s Absolutely Adorable PAWS PLANET



If you are a cat owner, you agree that your cat is so much more than just a pet – he or she is a member of the family. So why don’t we celebrate the arrival of our adorable kitten in this home the same way we would a baby? It makes sense, right?

Therefore, Amelie’s mom, a professional photographer loves taking photos of children and babies, uses her experience to celebrate their new member with a traditional newborn photoshoot. She wants to document the memorable moments when they adopted green-eyed Luna, a tiny black kitten who was in need of a loving home.

“Wherever Amelie is, the kitten is not far behind. They even sleep together!” Kitty Schaub, Amelie’s mother, told iHeartCats. “Luna is now about 10 weeks old, and is either sleeping sweetly on someone’s lap or terrorizing the dog and climbing in the plants.”

The photos of Luna have been so viral that Kitty decided to make calendars and sell them to fund for a local animal rescue called Save-A-Stray. All profits will go to the organization, which helps rescue, rehabilitate and re-home homeless pets!

Amelie’s mom felt that doing a newborn shoot for their newest member of the family was the right thing to do. And the results as you will see, are incredibly precious!