Family Of Four Dogs Survived And Were Successfully Rescued – Thanks To Their Amazing Dad!


These dogs had been living in a steel yard before the rescue..

A local dog rescue organization called Hope for Paws were informed of a family of four dogs, who were found living in a steel yard. Two rescuers from the organization named Eldad Hagar and Lisa Arturo, responded to the call and quickly made their way to the steel yard. The two rescuers soon arrived at the steel yard and were led to the puppies’ hiding location by the steel yard workers. They had managed to find three puppies, with one other dog missing. To rescue the puppies, the rescuers needed to gain their trust first. To do so, Lisa offered the puppies some food to help lure them out of their hiding place. At first, Lisa seemed to be making some progress on gaining the puppies’ trust, but the two rescuers had yet to spot their mother anywhere in the steel yard.

Eldad and Lisa decided to wait for their mother to show up as it would be much easier for them to rescue the puppies. Not long after, the duo spotted their mother, who came out of her hiding place to investigate. The duo then rescued their mother quite easily and brought her to safety before turning their attention back onto the puppies again.

Unfortunately, the puppies proved quite a challenge for the duo as they were afraid of human contact. The duo were able to get the leash on the first puppy easily but she struggled against the leash when they tried to led her away. Lisa then turned to the second puppy and offered him food while talking to him to calm him down. The second puppy was soon successfully rescued with little effort.

However, the third puppy proved to be the most difficult out of the three. He got frightened and ran away when the duo approached him, squeezing himself between a pile of wood to hide. The duo sought some help from the steel yard workers and managed to get the puppy to safety.

After the successful rescue, the duo drove the four dogs to the Hope for Paws hospital for a medical examination. The vet there soon informed the duo that the dog accompanying the three puppies was not their mother, but their father instead! In the meantime, the duo are awaiting news of the puppies’ mother from the steel yard workers and caring for the family of four in the organization’s shelter.

Watch the rescue below!

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