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Earlier this year, staff at the Gulf Coast Humane Society in Corpus Christi, Texas, found a pair of kittens abandoned outside the shelter. The kittens were tiny, incredibly sick, and in need of help.

Knowing they wouldn’t be able to help the very sick kittens on their own because of limited resources, the staff contacted Coastal Bend Cat Rescue for help.

“We immediately said yes to taking them in,” Lindsay Haglund of Coastal Bend Cat Rescue said. “We are a foster-based rescue that focuses on street cat rescue, and we work closely with the local shelters in our area.”

The feline siblings, Itsy and Bitsy, were in critical condition and needed specialized care. Thankfully, Kindell Mills-Jabsen, an experienced neonatal foster volunteer, brought them home with her and cared for them.

“They were born prematurely, most likely to a stray cat. A very generous individual donated an incubator to our team, specifically to be used for Itsy and Bitsy to give them a fighting chance.”

As soon as Kindell took them into her home, it became clear that their journey to recovery would not be an easy one. Although the family tried their best to save them both, Itsy, the smaller of the two, couldn’t survive a week later. It was difficult for Bitsy to win the fight, but she was determined to fight through things.

“From the beginning we truthfully did not think either one would survive, then Bitsy really surprised us. She fought so hard to stay healthy and strong,” Lindsay shared.

Bitsy had all the odds stacked up against her, but she tried her best to overcome it. Each day, she got a bit stronger and healthier with her incredible resolve. Now, she has blossomed into a healthy, happy, beautiful kitten and is ready to look for a loving home.

We hope that Bisty will find a forever home soon, where she is cared and loved by great owners that she deserves. If you are interested in adopting Bisty, you can contact The Cattery Cat Shelter (in Corpus Christi, Texas). You can follow Coastal Bend Cat Rescue Facebook and Instagram to update more rescue stories.

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