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Meet Ariel, a 3-week-old kitten who was rescued from a cat colony in California. She was abandoned by her feral cat mama and tried her best to survive in terrible conditions. After being rescued, she was taken into MeoowzResQ, a local rescue group in Orange, California, waiting to be placed into a foster house.

All rescuers couldn’t imagine how scary and difficult life must be for the tiny kitten who was abandoned and left to defend for himself on the streets. She was so distressed that no one was able to calm her. That was until a 10-year-old boy named Zack came to comfort her and became her new best friend.

When Kelli Gross learned about Ariel’s plight, she decided to foster her. She already had a rescue cat mother who was nursing six kittens of her own, so she believed that the mama cat could help Ariel and become her surrogate mom.

She and her son Zack immediately went to pick up her from the vet. When they arrived, they heard loud cries and were shocked to discover it was coming from the little Arile. “She was going crazy and wouldn’t settle down,” Kelli said.

No one was able to calm her down, so Zack put her in his arms, cuddled her, gave her kisses, and told her everything would be ok. Eventually Ariel stopped crying and fell asleep in his lap.

Watch Ariel’s rescue journey in this cute video:

“He put a blanket down in his lap and bundled her up. She was sound asleep and didn’t make a peep during the whole 30-minute car ride home.”

They brought Ariel home and introduced her to Twilight the cat mom. Thankfully, Twilight quickly fell in love with Ariel and started grooming her as her own.

Now, Ariel has a happy life with a mama cat and beloved fosters. Once Ariel is ready to be adopted, she will be placed into her forever home that she deserves.

“You can tell how truly happy she is and you can hear her purring,” Kelli shared.

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