Fishermen release baby dolphin snared in a net -Its overjoyed mother ‘thanks’ them in an incredible way



Recently, some fishermen were sailing near the island of Procida, Naples, Italy when they spotted a baby dolphin struggling to release itself from the fishing net it was trapped into.

Knowing they had to step in and help, they got closer and managed to set the baby free. 

What they didn’t expect, however, was for the mother dolphin to say ‘thank you’ in a manner they will never forget. 

Once she spotted her baby swimming next to her, she decided to give the fishermen a sight to remember as she jumped out of the water, showcasing her elegant display of dives. 

The fisherman were glad the mother and the baby were safe and sound and by each other’s side again so they could be heard clapping and cheering. 

It’s amazing how animals are capable of showing their gratitude for those who help them during the tough times. 

Take a look at the amazing video below and make sure you share it with your friends. 

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