German Shepherd puppies see little girl, launch the cutest puppy-attack ever


Children and puppies! A match made in Heaven. The love between these creatures has to be the strongest and the purest form of affection out there. 


Now, when it comes to the pups, I guess most of you would agree how the German Shepherds are one of those dogs who really enjoy being around humans, and the video below shows exactly that. 

German Shepherd puppies

When the young lady from the video visited the farm of a German Shepherd breeder in Michigan, all she hoped for was to choose a puppy for herself, take it home, and love it as much as she could. But what she never expected was for a whole group of sweet babies to “attack” her.

Once the puppies saw the new human among them, they were eager to sniff her and play with her. The girl was over the moon seeing all those sweet creatures chasing her while she ran back and forth around the huge green field.

We guess this girl had a hard time picking only one dog, as they are all chubby little sweethearts. She’ll definitely never forget this memorable day when she got to play with so many doggies. The huge grin on her face says it all, she did have lots of fun, and made us all laugh too. 

Take a look at the sweet encounter in the video below.



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