Giant Dog Play Hide and Seek With Girl Turning Into Adorable Scene That Has Mom Laughing


Dog Play are very common and great companions and kids’ best friends. They are not only good at playing fetch, but also other amusing games such that of ‘hide and seek’. The mother captured an amazingly hilarious video of her daughter and her huge dog playing this catchy game which is a great activity that involves some running and lots of laughter. Once Samson the dog starts playing, the game turns more fun.

Dog PlayYouTubeDog Play

Sierra, the girl finds a great place to hide, behind the curtains in the living room, and though everyone believes the dog will be able to track the young lady easily it’s not really like that. The big Newfoundland can hear her voice and approaches the curtains, but he doesn’t move the material enough in order to see her. He now gets confused, for he can listen to her, but cannot see her.

Dog Play

The mother encourages Samson to continue looking for Sierra, and that’s when he starts running around the house while the mommy and the daughter laugh. It looks like the dog enjoys this game of cat and mouse so much that he can’t hide his excitement.

Next, he goes outside and spots the little girl standing next to the window, but what happens when he gets back inside the house is the most interesting part to watch. Take a look at his priceless reaction in the video below.

This giant Newfoundland will make you all smiles.


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