Growling Pit Bull Wasn’t Allowed To Be Adopted, Dog-Lover Made It Her Mission



Like some other U.S. cities, Sioux City had a strict ban on owning Pit Bulls. When Pits ended up in city shelters, they were put in the back since they weren’t available for adoption. One dog, named Angel, had a habit of showing her teeth. She would also growl when people got close. She was labeled as aggressive and no volunteer had the courage to take her out of her kennel.

Source: The Dodo

Then a volunteer from Karma rescue came to the shelter. She noticed Angel and it broke her heart to think she would likely be euthanized in a matter of days. Something had to be done. A friend of hers, who is a behavioral specialist, came to meet Angel. They took her out and put her in the nearby yard. Angel rolled on the ground and showed her adorable belly. She didn’t seem aggressive at all! Did people just make assumptions because she was likely just scared?

Source: The Dodo

The volunteer wanted to save Angel. But the ban in the city made this impossible. She couldn’t adopt Angel herself and all the other rescues were at capacity with so many Pit Bulls. The rescuer took her out of the shelter and said she would spend some time with her and then take her to the vet to be put down. During this time she also sent one last text to Hug Hearts Foundation in Los Angeles. She got a text back to call them personally.

She explained to the rescue group that Angel was being put down in a little over an hour and that’s when the person on the phone said, “We will take her!”

Source: The Dodo

Angel was loaded up and brought to LA. During the next few weeks, they worked with her on training and socializing. Amazingly, the Pit Bull ban was also lifted in Sioux City! It seems more and more cities are catching on, and learning, that it’s not the breed that’s the problem but how that specific dog is treated.

Source: The Dodo

Angel continues to thrive. We are so elated she was rescued in time. ALL dogs deserve happy homes– and all the love in the world. Scroll down and watch Angel’s story. Thank you to The Dodo for bringing awareness to such a wonderful breed.

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