Heroic Dog Saved a Huge Number of Earthquake Victims in Italy But Poisoned


Kaos, a young German Shepherd, was dubbed Italy’s “hero dog” after he helped first responders save many people’s lives when the Italian town of Amatrice was struck by a 6.2 magnitude earthquake. The damage was huge and almost 300 people lost their lives.

Kaos’ readiness to locate and help dig many of the survivors from under the ruins affected the death toll not to go even higher. This brave dog together with his owner, Fabiano Ettorre, were first to step in after the disaster happened.

When another nearby town was struck by an earthquake, these two friends were again ready to go above and beyond to help locate the victims and the survivors.

Some time latter, horrific news came in. Kaos, the bravest dog, was poisoned in his own yard. Many people were outraged and couldn’t believe someone could be so cruel as to kill a dog in that manner.

Sadly, many dogs in Italy end their lives this way. Poisoning them is something that happens way too often in the urban areas. It’s mostly done by neighbors who can’t stand the canines bark.

Researchers in Rome identified poisoning as a second-leading cause of death at dogs.

But Kaos’ death seemed to affect the way Italians see this cruel practice of poisoning dogs. A lawmaker, Michaela Brambilla, spoke to Associate Press and said, “Kaos’ death has touched the conscience of the Italian people.” She honestly hopes this will be a wake-up call for all people to start treating dogs the way they deserve.

Ettorre shared how devastated he was because of the loss of his furry pal and shared a video of Kaos’ helping in the rescue as a tribute to him. You can take a look at Kaos’ bravery in the video below.

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