Hero Yorkie Keeps Missing 3-Year-Old Safe In Cornfields Overnight


Remy, a three-year-old girl from Missouri went missing from the family’s yard while her mother was there. As Timberlyn Merritt turned to her little girl, she realized she wandered off and was nowhere to be found. The terrified mother started calling the girl’s name, but she knew finding her wouldn’t be easy as their place is surrounded by massive and dense cornfield.

The word about the missing girl spread around the community like a wildfire and in a matter of minutes, everyone was on their feet searching for their tiny neighbor. Police officers, police dogs, and even a helicopter were desperately trying to locate Remy. The night went on and the teams were back on the job of finding the girl again in the morning. That’s when one of the police dogs started barking loudly, and a weak bark could be heard back.

Remy was safe. Her yorkie kept her company during the night and made sure she was going to be alright before someone appeared and took both of them home.


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