Hiker Finds Injured 55-Pound Dog On Mountain And Carries Him 6 Miles To Safety



Table Rock Trail can be a tough hike, even for those who are seasoned. Just ask Tia Vargas. She was on a hike with her father Ted recently, who needed to wait while his daughter did her best to crest the peak. Once she began to make her way back down to her father, she came across one of the saddest sights that she had ever seen. An English springer spaniel was injured and lost.

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The animal had a collar that read “Boomer”, so it was clear to see that he had an owner who was missing him. Once Tia got back down to the bottom of the trail, she saw a note about a lost dog. Of course, this had to be about Boomer. The poor dog was struggling mightily at the time. Tia knew that she was going to have to carry the poor pup if he was going to survive.

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The animal had been lost for some time. He was covered in all sorts of cuts and abrasions. His foot was also dislocated. Tia was exhausted herself but she was not going to let anything else happen to this dog.

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She summoned the necessary strength and courage. Her father was skeptical of this idea. He was unsure as to whether she could manage it.

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In her mind, she had no choice. Unless she was willing to help this dog, he would be lost and hurt for the foreseeable future. Sometimes, you just have to suck it up. Unfortunately, it was much tougher to descend than Tia realized. It had also started to rain. She did not want him to die, though. Tia found the strength that she needed by appealing to a higher power.

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After taking a rest from the grueling journey to say a prayer, Tia felt as if a weight had been lifted off her shoulders. Once she and her father got to the bottom, they were able to get in touch with Boomer’s family.

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They were overjoyed and beyond relieved to have their pal back. The owners had lost him during a hike that took place on the previous day.

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As it turns out, the owners had been looking for a new family for Boomer. Who better to take him in than Tia? This connection was written in the stars. “Both of us had a guardian angel that day,” says Tia and we are inclined to agree. Please share this amazing story!

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